2019 GARTEUR Award of Excellence

By April 18, 2020 No Comments

The 2019 GARTEUR Award of Excellente has been awarded to the Action Group AG52 “SURROGATE-BASED GLOBAL OPTIMIZATION METHODS IN PRELIMINARYAERODYNAMIC DESIGN”, developed under Aerodynamics GoR.

The participants of this awarded Action Group are:

– 9 organizations from 5 GARTEUR state members (ESP, FRA, ITA, SWE, UK) and 1 non-GARTEUR country (CZE)

– 2 industries (AIRBUS Military, SAAB)

– 4 research establishments (INTA, CIRA,  FOI, ONERA)

– 3 universities (UAH, UNIS, VUT)


The Award will be granted to Ms Esther Andrés, as the Chairwoman of the Action Group AG52, during the next C69 Council meeting that will take place in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in October.

On behalf of the entire GARTEUR community congratulations on the high quality of the work performed and the effort made.