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National documents

National strategy documents

The GARTEUR Council noted that several member countries have published strategy documents on aeronautics with related national R&T plans. It was agreed that public versions of these should be provided to the secretariat for inclusion on the GARTEUR website. Available documents and links to national websites are included below:


CORAC is the Council for Civil Aeronautics Research (COnseil pour la Recherche Aéronautique Civile). 
CORAC website:


Strategy Document January 2013: “Die Luftfahrtstrategie der Bundesregierung” (here)


The Italian Vision On Research And Technology Development In The Aeronautical Sector (in English) (here)
SRA – Italiana: Strategic Research Agenda Italiana per il Settore Aeronautico (in Italian) (here)


Strategy Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2011-2015 (here)
Roadmap Aeronautics 2013-2020 (here)


The Spanish MoD´s Directorate for Armaments and Material has launched a new website specifically targeted at the Ministry´s Technology & Innovation.
Presently available in Spanish and including some sections in English, it can be found at:


NRIAFlyg2016 – National Research and Innovation Agenda (here)
NRIAFlyg2013 – The Swedish Aerospace research and innovation agenda (here)
NRIAFlyg2013 – Our view of the Swedish innovation system (here)


Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI)
The ATI’s Technology Strategy & Portfolio Update 2016:
Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP):
The AGP’s Industrial Strategy for UK Aerospace 2016 (Means of Ascent): (here)

ACARE - SRIA (Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda)

Published in 2012