GARTEUR Vision 2020-2025

The European aviation and technology sector is currently confronted with various urgent internal and external mainstreams.

  • We see developments in the field of Environment, where, among others, the Green Deal will pose quite a challenge on the aeronautical world.
  • We see developments in the field of Defence and Security (e.g. cyber, UAV’s, space), where recent activities of different states undermining security demand a strong and coordinated answer.
  • And we see developments in the field of Mobility, where multi-modal transport and Urban Air Mobility are rising topics as a possible answers to Urban Congestion.

In addition, in 2020 we have been confronted by the Corona-virus. This virus restricted our lives and work, but also it showed the need to look into other important aspects of aviation, such as Safety.

These mainstreams and the COVID-19 crisis are showing related challenges that can only be solved in a joint effort by multiple stakeholders from Academia, Research Institutes, Defence and Industry.

GARTEUR is the only collaboration platform that we as partners have and that:

  • covers both Civilian and Military topics, at several managerial and TRL levels
  • includes people from Academia, Research Institutes, Defence and Industry.

And considering the Mission of GARTEUR:

‘…to mobilise, for the mutual benefit of the GARTEUR member countries, their scientific and technical skills, human resources and facilities in the field of aeronautical research and technology…’

we see that GARTEUR can provide added value for all partners, both in a coordinating role for collaborative research and at a technical level to jointly execute research not (yet) covered in other ways. In terms of technical research, we see added value in the work done by the GoRs (our backbone) covering the above challenges in Environment, Defence & Security, Mobility, and recently COVID-19, in a more and more integrated way (multi-disciplinary, integrated and multi-partner). With this integrated and collaborative approach, focussed on the mainstreams, GARTEUR provides additional knowledge to its partners that cannot be done by each partner individually.

In short, our Vision is that, for the next 5 years, GARTEUR will continue to actively focus on bringing added value to its network in a coordinating role for its research, as well as in executing technical research that adds value to all partners aiming at Environmental, Defence & Security, Mobility and other relevant topics.