What is GARTEUR?

The group for Aeronautical Research and Technology in Europe (GARTEUR) is an important organisation for research collaboration in Europe in the field of aeronautics:

  • MoU between Governments of 7 European nations with major research and test capabilities in aeronautics. Effective alliance with proven potential for integration of European Aeronautics R&T
  • Formed in 1973 by three nations, today seven are involved in GARTEUR: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom
  • Has a formal procedure for participation by organisations from non-member countries
  • Focuses on collaborative research topics mainly aimed at longer-term R&T that is essential to assure sustained European Aeronautics Industry competitiveness
  • Subjects of interest within GARTEUR Programme not restricted by application, whether defence, dual use or civil
  • Unique Forum of aeronautical experts from Academia, REs and industry. Outstanding capability for the networking of GARTEUR nations agents in aeronautics R&T
  • Interacts with other fora, such as EU, EREA, ASD and EDA
  • Since its foundation in 1973 GARTEUR has conducted numerous collaborative R&T projects for defence, dual use and civil applications