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Mission & Principles


According to its MoU, the mission of GARTEUR is to mobilise, for the mutual benefit of the GARTEUR member countries, their scientific and technical skills, human resources and facilities in the field of aeronautical research and technology for the following purposes:

  • Strengthening collaboration between European countries with major research capabilities and government funded programmes
  • Continuously stimulating advances in the aeronautical sciences and pursuing topics of application-oriented research in order to maintain and strengthen the competitiveness of the European aerospace industry
  • Concentrating existing resources in an efficient manner and seeking to avoid duplication of work
  • Performing joint research work in fields suitable for collaboration and within research groups specifically established for this purpose
  • Identifying technology gaps and facility needs and recommending effective ways for the member countries to jointly overcome such shortcomings
  • Exchanging scientific and technical information among the member countries


According to its MoU GARTEUR adopts the following principles of operation:

  • Overall balance of benefits between the member countries is pursued
  • Possibility of bilateral co-operation between the member countries continues to exist
  • Major decisions have to be taken by unanimity of participating countries
  • Participation of industry is sought at senior advisory level in both the planning and execution of programmes
  • A flexible approach is taken towards participation by organisations from non-GARTEUR countries in the programmes
  • Full safeguarding of intellectual property rights is obtained through compliance with a set of agreed written regulation
  • All participants work according to a set of security regulations