Participation in Action Groups (AG)

Participation in GARTEUR R&T activities (AG) is open to all aeronautical R&T organisations from GARTEUR nations that are already active in the subject of the AG concerned and subject to GARTEUR principles, whether the organisation is of industrial, academic or research establishment nature.

Information on GARTEUR research can be obtained from the members of the Groups of Responsables.

Names of present members can be found on the pdf document linked under heading “Organisation“.

Potential interest in participation in current and future Action Groups can also be expressed to these representatives. Contact to GoR members can also be made through the GARTEUR Secretary via our contact form.

Participation by organisations from non-GARTEUR countries in GARTEUR technical activities is provided for under a special procedure in the GARTEUR operating principles subject to approval by the Council. For additional information contact the GARTEUR Secretary via our contact form.