Group of Responsables Rotorcraft (GoR-RC)

Technical Programme

The GoR-RC is active to facilitate the advancement of civil and military rotorcraft technology in European research establishments and industry through collaborative research programmes, and through identification of future projects for collaborative research.

The GoR RC initiates, organizes, executes, and monitors basic and applied, computational and experimental aeronautics-oriented research in the following areas and in the context of application to rotorcraft (helicopters and tilt rotor aircraft) vehicle and systems technology:

  • Extension of flight envelope / performance
  • Safety / survivability
  • Environment / public acceptance
  • Passenger comfort
  • Cost / affordability / time-to-market

Technical disciplines include, but are not limited to:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Aeroelastics including stability, structural dynamics and vibration
  • Flight mechanics
  • Control and handling qualities
  • Vehicle design synthesis and optimisation
  • Human factors
  • Internal and external acoustics and environmental impact
  • Flight testing
  • Simulation techniques and facilities for ground-based testing
  • Simulation specific to rotorcraft

GoR-RC Reports