GARTEUR AWARD for research in the 2022-2023 period

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In October 2023, the GARTEUR AWARD for research was delivered to the Action Group AD-AG54 “RaLESin: RANS-LES Interfacing for Hybrid RANS-LES and Embedded LES”.

The general objective of the RaLESin project has been, to address the major problem associated to RANS-LES interface. Different approaches have been explored to enable effective scale-resolving simulations for typical flow phenomena of aeronautical applications.
The Action Group was made up by researchers coming from all GARTEUR countries plus contributions from Switzerland. Chairman of the Action Group is from FOI, Sweden.

Due to the absence of both chairman and vice-chairman of the AD-AG54, the presentation of the results to the very competent audience was carried out by P. Catalano, member of the Action Group, Ph. D. working at the Italian Aerospace Research Centre.

Presentation of the results of AD-AG54 given by P. Catalano

For the reason above mentioned, the award and the certificate were delivered to the FOI representative of the Swedish delegation, Tomas Martensson.

GARTEUR Council chairman, P. Renzoni, while he delivers the award to the FOI representative, Tomas Martensson

The official ceremony of delivering the award was held during the Gala dinner, on the terrace of the Italian Air Force Academy, at the end of the first day of the event celebrating the 50th anniversary of GARTEUR.

The event was organised in conjunction with the 75th Council meeting, held in Pozzuoli on the 5th of October, 2023.