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Structures and Material (GoR - SM)


Technical Programme

GoR-SM is active in initiating and organising aeronautics-oriented research on

Structures research is devoted to computational mechanics, loads & design methodology.

Structural dynamics research involves vibrations, responses to shock and impact load (bird strikes), aero-elasticity and acoustic response.

Materials research is related to materials systems including aspects of polymers, metals and composite systems.

Current GoR SM Action Groups

  Topic Start End
SM/AG-34 Damage repair in composite and metal structures 2012 2016
SM/AG-35 Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Assessment of Hybrid Structures 2013 2016

Complete list of recently completed and current GoR SM Action Groups.

The GoR SM Annex to the Annual Report 2015 can be download
ed (here).

Current GoR SM Exploratory Groups

SM/EG-39 Design of high velocity impact on realistic structure
SM/EG-42 Bonded and bolted joints
SM/EG-43 Additive Layer Manufacturing

Additional EGs are being discussed.

New Topics Under Review

The following topics are being discussed for future Exploratory Groups:

A GARTEUR success story from GoR-SM

Damage Mechanics, Damage Tolerance, Bolted Joints in Composite Materials/ Structures
The European knowledge in this field has largely been built up through national efforts
coordinated via a series of GARTEUR Action Groups. The GARTEUR activities have led to
other European projects within EU Framework and WEAG (now EDA) programmes.
The full story (here). 
The book on GARTEUR SM/AG-32 (Damage growth in composites, 2009-2012) has been published by SPRINGER.

Publications of past and current Action Groups

List of GoR SM Technical Reports.
Open reports marked (O) can be downloaded (when available).
Limited reports marked (L) are not available outside GARTEUR.

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