Structures and Materials

List of Action Groups of GoR-SM
Group of Responsables for Structures and Materials

SM/AG-01 Impact damage tolerance of composite materials 1979-1988
SM/AG-02 Evaluation of aluminium alloy 7010 1980-1984
SM/AG-03 Active control application for flutter suppression and gust load alleviation 1981-1987
SM/AG-04 Fatigue crack propagation prediction 1983-1991
SM/AG-05 Buckling and postbuckling behaviour of composite panels 1983-1992
SM/AG-06 Gust loads statistics and design techniques using stochastic loads 1983-1985
SM/AG-07 Aluminium-lithium alloys 1984-1996
SM/AG-08 Improved composite materials 1986-1990
SM/AG-09 Damage mechanics for composite materials 1986-1994
SM/AG-10 Mechanically fastened composite joints 1986-1991
SM/AG-11 Refinement of structural dynamics computational models 1987-1996
SM/AG-12 Non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of composites 1990-1998
SM/AG-13 Structural optimisation 1990-1995
SM/AG-14 Fractography of composites 1991-1995
SM/AG-16 Damage propagation in composite structural elements 1993-1998
SM/AG-17 Cadmium substitution in aircraft 1994-2001
SM/AG-18 Multi-site damage in highly loaded joints 1994-1996
SM/AG-19 Ground vibration test techniques 1995-1999
SM/AG-20 Fractographic aspects of fatigue failure in composite material 1994-2001
SM/AG-21 Multidisciplinary wing optimisation 1996-2001
SM/AG-22 Design methodology for damage tolerant composite wing panels 1997-2001
SM/AG-23 Active equipment isolation and structural damping 1998-2000
SM/AG-24 Birdstrike 1998-2004
SM/AG-25 Postbuckling and collapse analysis 1999-2004
SM/AG-26 The initial flaw concept and short crack growth 2000-2002
SM/AG-27 Fractographic aspects of fatigue failure in complex composite laminates and structures 2001-2007
SM/AG-28 Impact damage and repair of composite structures 2002-2007
SM/AG-29 Interchangeability of composite materials 2004-2007
SM/AG-30 High velocity impact 2005-2009
SM/AG-31 Damage management in composites 2006-2011
SM/AG-32 Damage growth in composites 2006-2011
SM/AG-33 RTM materials properties during curing 2007-2010
SM/AG-34 Damage repair in composite and metal structures 2012-2015
SM/AG-35 Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Assessment of Hybrid Structures 2013-2016



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