List of Action Groups of GoR-HC
Group of Responsables for Helicopters

HC/AG-01 Comparision with experiment of analytical drag predictions for a helicopter fuselage 1982-1985
HC/AG-02 Analysis of the operational requirements and missions for advanced rotorcraft 1982-1985
HC/AG-03 Mathematical modelling of helicopters for handling qualities and performance 1984-1988
HC/AG-04 Helicopter fuselage/rotor interaction aerodynamics 1985-1988
HC/AG-05 Advanced rotorcraft evaluation 1985-1988
HC/AG-06 Mathematical modelling for the prediction of helicopter flying qualities, phase II 1990-1995
HC/AG-07 Helicopter performance modelling 1992-1996
HC/AG-08 Helicopter vibration analysis methodology 1992-1995
HC/AG-09 Mathematical modelling for prediction of helicopter flying qualities,
phase III
HC/AG-10 Prediction of dynamic stall and blade torsion 1994-1998
HC/AG-11 Helicopter yaw axis handling qualities modelling 2002-2007
HC/AG-12 Validation criteria for helicopter real-time simulation models 2002-2006
HC/AG-13 Validation of rotor blade/hub load synthesis techniques 2003-2007
HC/AG-14 Method for the refinement of structural finite element models 2003-2006
HC/AG-15 Improvement of SPH methods for application to helicopter ditching 2005-2010
HC/AG-16 Rigid body and aeroelastic rotorcraft-pilot coupling – prediction tools and means of prevention 2005-2008
HC/AG-17 Wake Modelling in Presence of Ground Obstacles 2008-2012
HC/AG-18 Data and Methods for Error Localisation and Model Refinement of Structural Dynamic Finite Element Models (stopped without report) 2009-2012
HC/AG-19 Methods for Improvement of Structural Dynamic Finite Element Models Using In-Flight Test Data 2010-2015
HC/AG-20 Cabin internal noise: simulation methods and experimental methods for new solutions for internal noise reduction 2012-2015
HC/AG-21 Rotorcraft Simulation Fidelity Assessment: Predicted and Perceived Measures of Fidelity 2013-2015
HC/AG-22 Forces on Obstacles in Rotor Wake 2014-2017
HC/AG-23 Wind turbine wake and helicopter operations 2014-2017
HC/AG-24 Helicopter Fuselage Scattering Effects for Ext/Interior Noise Reduction 2015-2016



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