List of Action Groups of GoR-AD
Group of Responsables for Aerodynamics

AD/AG-01 Wing/body aerodynamics at transonic speeds 1980-1984
AD/AG-02 Two-dimensional transonic testing methods 1980-1984
AD/AG-03 High lift, phase I 1981-1984
AD/AG-04 Vortex flow 1981-1984
AD/AG-05 Convergence study of transonic flow computations for 3D wings 1984-1987
AD/AG-06 Model support interference in large low speed wind tunnels 1984-1989
AD/AG-07 Experimental investigation of the turbulent shear layer of a swept wing 1986-1996
AD/AG-08 High lift, phase II 1985-1990
AD/AG-09 Flow past missile afterbodies 1986-1991
AD/AG-10 Propeller performance calculations 1987-1990
AD/AG-11 Computations of 2D Navier-Stokes equations 1989-1995
AD/AG-12 Aeroacoustics for propellers 1991-1993
AD/AG-13 High lift, phase III 1991-1994
AD/AG-14 Transition on airfoils and infinite swept wings 1991-1994
AD/AG-15 Validation of Euler codes for supersonic flow 1990-1995
AD/AG-16 Development of a software packAD/AG-e for graphic visualisation of flow simulation 1991-1995
AD/AG-17 The verification of 3D transonic Euler methods for complex geometries 1993-1996
AD/AG-18 Relative merits of adaptive flexible wall test-sections 1993-2003
AD/AG-19 Applicability of PIV to large scale wind tunnels 1994-1996
AD/AG-20 Mesh adaptation 1995-1998
AD/AG-21 Pressure sensitive paint 1995-1998
AD/AG-22 Practical application of LDV 1995-1999
AD/AG-23 Three-dimensional turbulent shear layer experiment, phase II 1995-1998
AD/AG-24 Navier-Stokes calculations of the supersonic flow about slender configurations 1995-2003
AD/AG-25 High lift, phase IV (maximum lift prediction) 1995-1998
AD/AG-26 Transonic wing/body Navier-Stokes computations 1995-2001
AD/AG-27 Transition from laminar to turbulent flows 1996-1999
AD/AG-28 Transonic wing/body code validation experiment 1997-2004
AD/AG-29 Three-dimensional shear layer experiment, phase III 1999-2003
AD/AG-30 Supersonic Civil Transport low speed performance 1999-2002
AD/AG-31 Drag extraction for Supersonic Civil Transports 1999-2001
AD/AG-32 Prediction of performance degradation due to icing for 2D configurations 1999-2003
AD/AG-33 Ice accretion prediction on aircraft components 1999-2003
AD/AG-34 Aerodynamics of supersonic air intakes 1999-2009
AD/AG-35 Application of transition criteria in Navier-Stokes computations 1999-2002
AD/AG-36 Three-dimensional high lift computations 1999-2004
AD/AG-37 Pressure sensitive paint, phase II 2001-2004
AD/AG-38 Time accurate methods 2001-2007
AD/AG-39 RANS code validation for transonic wing-body, phase II 2004-2007
AD/AG-40 Ice shape effects on the aerodynamic performance of airfoils, phase II 2004-2010
AD/AG-41 Ice accretion prediction, phase II 2004-2007
AD/AG-42 Navier-Stokes computations of the transonic flow over slender configurations 2005-2007
AD/AG-43 Application of CFD to high offset intake diffusers 2006-2012
AD/AG-44 Application of transition criteria in Navier-Stokes computations,
phase II
AD/AG-45 Application of CFD to Predict High ‘G’ Wing Loads 2008-2012
AD/AG-46 Highly integrated subsonic intakes 2008-2013
AD/AG-47 Coupling CFD to flight mechanics modeling 2009-2012
AD/AG-48 Lateral Jet Interactions at Supersonic Speeds 2009-2015
AD/AG-49 Scrutinizing Hybrid RANS-LES Modeling for Aerodynamic Applications 2009-2015
AD/AG-50 Effect of wind tunnel shear layers on aeroacoustic measurements 2010-2013
AD/AG-51 Laminar-Turbulent Transition Prediction in Hypersonic flows 2012-
AD/AG-52 Surrogate-based Global Optimization Methods in Prel. Aero. Design 2013-
AD/AG-53 Receptivity and Transition Prediction 2013-
AD/AG-54 RaLESin: RANS-LES Interfacing for Hybrid RANS-LES and Embedded LES Approaches 2014-
AD/AG-55 Countermeasures aerodynamics 2015-




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