Historical background


GARTEUR was formed in 1973 by the governments of France, Germany and the United Kingdom.
The Netherlands joined it in 1977; A memorandum of understanding was signed between the four
nations on 6th April 1981;

Sweden joined GARTEUR on 28th November 1991 (Addendum No1), then Spain on 26th April 1996 (Addendum No2) and, finally, Italy on 10th May 2000 (Addendum No3).


Scientific and Technical:

Since its formation GARTEUR has managed more than 120 collaborative projects:

A new Group of Responsables on Aviation Security (AS) was formed during the last Council meeting in March 2014. Experts from European Research Establishments and Industry have identified precise subjects in the Aviation Security area where many synergies can be found between civil and military domains.


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