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Helicopters (GoR-HC)


Technical Programme

The GoR-HC is active to facilitate the advancement of civil and military rotorcraft technology in European research establishments and industry through collaborative research programmes, and through identification of future projects for collaborative research.

The GoR HC initiates, organizes, executes, and monitors basic and applied, computational and experimental aeronautics-oriented research in the following areas and in the context of application to rotorcraft (helicopters and tilt rotor aircraft) vehicle and systems technology:

Technical disciplines include, but are not limited to:

Current GoR HC Action Groups

  Topic Start End
HC/AG-19 Methods for Improvement of Structural Dynamic Finite Element Models using In-Flight Test Data 2010 2016
HC/AG-21 Rotorcraft Simulation Fidelity Assessment: Predicted and Perceived Measures of Fidelity 2013 2015
HC/AG-22 Forces on Obstacles in Rotor Wake 2014 2017
HC/AG-23 Wind turbine wake and helicopter operations 2014 2017
HC/AG-24 Helicopter Fuselage Scattering Effects for Ext/Interior Noise Reduction 2015 2016

Complete list of recent completed and current GoR HC Action Groups.

The GoR HC Annex to the Annual Report 2015 can be downloaded here.

Current GoR HC Exploratory Groups

HC/EG-29 Health & Usage Monitoring Systems - HUMS

Additional EGs are being discussed as follows:
- Low order models for new rotorcraft configurations to look at aerodynamic rotor/rotor interactions
- Man-machine interface in cockpit operations
- Helicopter noise propagation examining the perception and psycho-acoustic effects of noise pollution

New Topics Under Review

The following topics are being considered for future Exploratory Groups:

Publications of past and current Action Groups

List of GoR HC Technical Reports.
Open reports marked (O) can be downloaded (when available).
Limited reports marked (L) are not available outside GARTEUR.

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