Flight Mechanics, Systems and Integration (FM)

Group of Responsables
Flight Mechanics, Systems and Integration (GoR-FM)


Technical Programme

The GoR-FM is active in the field of air vehicle systems technology in general, including, but not limited to:

Beyond flight mechanics, the GoR-FM is responsible for subjects concerning flight guidance, air traffic control, sensor technology and systems, human factors and related matters, with reference to both manned and manned aircraft.

Recent GoR FM Action Groups

  Topic Start End
FM/AG-18 Towards greater Autonomy in Multiple Unmanned Air Vehicles 2010 2013
FM/AG-19 Flexible Aircraft Modeling Methodologies 2010 2013

Complete list of recently completed and current GoR FM Action Groups

The GoR FM Annex to the Annual Report 2015 can be downloaded here.

Current GoR FM Exploratory Groups

FM/EG-28 European Nonlinear Flexible Civil Aircraft Control methods evaluation benchmark
FM/EG-29 Trajectory Verification & Validation methods: formal, automatic control and geometric methods

New Topics Under Review

The FM-GoR has identified a lot of topics on which to work and is currently selecting the topics on which to focus on.
Examples of future topics:
- More electric RPAS, civil research
- Robust / Adaptive Flight Control Laws
- Flexible / rigid mode Flight Control Laws
- Improved and simple analysis tools in control law validation
- Validation / certification
- ...

Publications of past and current Action Groups

List of GoR FM Technical Reports.
Open reports marked (O) can be downloaded (when available).
Limited reports marked (L) are not available outside GARTEUR.

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