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Aviation Security (GoR-AS)


Technical Programme

The Group of Responsables on Aviation Security was created during the GARTEUR Council meeting in March 2014. This new GoR is composed of specialists from Research Establishments and Industry who have identified relevant topics to be studied in the Aviation Security area. GoR AS pursues to do research in the Aviation Security field dealing with both military and civil R&T. Future GoR AS projects will initiate activities in research fields regarding cybersecurity in the aviation sector, CBE detection, dazzling or RPAS.

Topics Under Review

The following topics are being discussed for future Exploratory Groups:

GoR AS Exploratory Groups under consideration

AS/EG-1 Cybersecurity

The GoR AS Annex to the Annual Report 2015 can be downloaded (here).

Recent action of the Aviation Security GoR

Redaction of a White Paper on Aviation Security

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