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GoR AD initiates and organises basic and applied research in aerodynamics, often coupled to other disciplines. Recent and on-going research activities have been and are devoted to:

The trend towards more multi-disciplinary analysis, emerging from industrial requirements, will increase in the future.

The activities are both computational and experimental with some emphasis on computations. Research on measurement techniques and experiments for validation purposes are carried out. Recent action groups, involving both computations and experiments, have been dealing with how to improve correction procedures of measurements and how to scale experiments to conditions corresponding to industrial applications. Numerical studies sometimes give insight to the mechanisms of basic flow and in other cases are used to analyse integrated aerodynamic features of aerial vehicles.

GoR AD pursue to fill gaps and to do complementary research, preferably covering both military and civil aspects. The research activities are well coordinated with the EU and NATO/STO (formerly RTO) aeronautical research programmes and there are often collaborations between projects in different programmes. Sometimes GoR AD-projects initiate activities in research fields that later lead to EU-proposals, other times GoR AD projects complement activities in on-going EU-projects.

Current GoR AD Action Groups

  Topic Start End
AD/AG-46 Highly Integrated Subsonic Air Intakes 2008 2013
AD/AG-47 Coupling CFD to flight mechanics modeling 2009 2012
AD/AG-48 Lateral jet interaction at supersonic speeds 2009 2015
AD/AG-49 Scrutinizing Hybrid RANS-LES Modeling for Aerodynamic Applications 2009 2015
AD/AG-50 Effect of wind tunnel shear layers on aeroacoustic measurements 2010 2015
AD/AG-51 Laminar-Turbulent Transition Prediction in Hypersonic flows 2012 2016
AD/AG-53 Receptivity and Transition Prediction 2013 2016
AD/AG-54 RaLESin: RANS-LES Interfacing for Hybrid RANS-LES and Embedded LES Approaches 2014 2017
AD/AG-55 Countermeasures aerodynamics 2015 2018

Information on AD/AG-52 can be found on the AD/AG-52 website.

Complete list of recently completed and current GoR-AD Action Groups

The GoR AD Annex to the Annual Report 2015 can be downloaded (here).

Current GoR AD Exploratory Groups

AD/EG-72 Coupled fluid dynamics and flight mechanics simulation of very flexible aircraft configurations (related to AD/AG-47)
AD/EG-73 Secondary inlets and exhausts
AD/EG-74 Thrust vectoring
AD/EG-75 Supersonic air intakes
AD/EG-76 Laminar Bubbles

New Topics Under Review

The following topics are being discussed for future Exploratory Groups:

Three GARTEUR success stories from GoR-AD

High-Lift Aerodynamics
The European knowledge in High Lift Aerodynamics - applied on modern European aircraft types -
has been built up over the past decades through national efforts coordinated via GARTEUR Action
Groups and later continued in European projects funded via the Framework Programmes.
The full story (here).

Missile Aerodynamics
The European knowledge in Missile Aerodynamics, and especially in numerical simulation, has largely
been built up over the past decades through national efforts coordinated via GARTEUR Action Groups. The full story (here).

Intake Aerodynamics
Aerodynamic integration of intakes into the airframe of unmanned aerial vehicules assuring high performance and minimized aerodynamic drag is of vital importance for innovative vehicule integrations.
The full story (here).

Publications of past and current Action Groups

List of GoR AD Technical Reports.
Open reports marked (O) can be downloaded (when available).
Limited reports marked (L) are not available outside GARTEUR.

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